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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of patients do you see?

JenniferOur Family Practice providers see patients of all ages from newborns to seniors.  They are trained to take care of a wide range of medical conditions and chronic illnesses for all age groups.

Dr. Patel sees young adult (14 years +) and adult patients for all medical conditions including hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol monitoring, coronary artery disease, endocrine problems, asthma, and acute problems of respiratory infections, rashes, and headaches.

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Do you take care of newborns?

Yes. Dr. Naramore and Dr. Wilkerson are experienced and ready to take care of your newborn baby. Our  Physician Assistants are also prepared to provide care of your child and monitor their growth during their early years.

Dr. Wilkerson also accepts obstetrical patients. If you are planning on having a baby, she will be happy to attend to your care through the birth of your baby and to take care of your newborn.

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Do you take care of children?

Yes. Our Family Practice providers monitor your child’s growth and development during their early years of growth. They are trained in the care and treatment of early childhood diseases and as your pediatrician we will be happy to discuss such issues as your child’s diet, emotional development, and general healthcare during their visits.

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Do you do surgery?

Our providers offer a limited range of clinic procedures including mole and wart removal, and laceration repair. They do not perform major surgeries but are happy to refer you to very experienced surgeons in the area.

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Do you have laboratory services available?

Yes. We have a fully certified medical laboratory on site to perform all your testing needs. The experienced staff is available during office hours to perform all testing needs.

(See Medical Arts Laboratory)

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Do you have X-ray services available?

No. X-ray services are no longer available on site. X-ray services are now referred to the Radiology department at Campbell County Memorial Hospital or to Black Rock Advanced Medical Imaging.

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Will you see me as a patient in the hospital?

Our physicians have active staff privileges and will see you in the hospital. However, they have chosen to let the hospitalist physicians at Campbell County Memorial Hospital manage their hospitalized patients.

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Do you file insurance?

JennaYes. We currently file all forms of insurance including all government programs. If you have insurance with a co-pay or deductible amount, we do expect payment for those out of pocket expenses at the time of service. We will file your insurance claims following your visit and bill you for the balance following payment by your insurance plan.

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Do you accept patients without insurance?

AlexusYes. We accept patients with no insurance. At your visit to our office we will require that you visit with our financial coordinator to arrange a payment plan if you are unable to pay for your visit in full. If you do pay your charges in full on the day of your visit you will receive a 5% discount off your services.

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Do you provide immunizations?

We do provide some adult immunizations in our clinic. If you are interested in getting an immunization for a particular disease, please inquire with your provider.

Unfortunately, we do not provide pediatric immunizations in our clinic. For all pediatric immunizations we refer patients to Public Health. We feel this is a better program for keeping all your child’s immunizations current and in one location. Additionally, the costs of immunizations through Public Health are much less than what we can provide to you.


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How do I transfer my care to your clinic?

BethanyIf you become a patient of our clinic you will be asked to provide records of your prior medical care. You will be provided a release to request that those records be sent to us so that your provider can review your medical history. Our medical records release form can be found on our forms page.

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Do you treat chronic pain patients?

Unfortunately, chronic pain patients present a special problem in medicine due to their many interactive medical conditions. The management of chronic pain is best handled by physicians who are specially trained in the management of chronic pain. Since our physicians feel that this area of medicine is best handled by those specialists, we do not manage chronic pain patients. We will be happy to direct you to a qualified specialist in this area of treatment. Our providers are happy to manage any medical issues not related to your chronic but will not manage the pain treatment.

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How do I get my prescriptions refilled?

KerryThe best way to have your prescription refilled is to contact your pharmacy. They will verify whether you have additional refilled remaining and if not, contact us for refill authorization. If you have not seen your physician for over a year since your last refill you will be required to be seen in the clinic by your provider to evaluate the effectiveness of the medication you are requesting.

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How do I contact my doctor after office hours?

If you are having a medical emergency call 911 for assistance!

If you need to contact one of our doctors after regular office hours you may call the Emergency Room at Campbell County Memorial Hospital, 307-688-1100. The ER personnel will put you in contact with the physician on call or contact your physician directly.

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